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game of thrones; color analysis [insp]


the cocoa moment is just like the time in neverland after she got the map to work

the first person emma goes to after she accomplishes something is killian

"I’m not here to flirt…"
1x02 + 3x18




He’s so frustrated cause he KNOWS she’s flirting. He KNOWS it, and it’s with her MAGIC—THE REASON WHY HE CAN’T EVER KISS HER OR GET CLOSE TO HER.

And he has to check himself every time because he also can’t get too physically close to her because what if she tries to kiss him. I mean what would have happened if she tried to sit next to him?

And she’s finally, finally in a place where she’s happy, she’s embracing his magic and she’s actively trying to get his attention. If not for the curse he would be snarking right back at her with the raised eyebrows and that smirk.

They’ve essentially switched roles. He’s now the insular one, trying to deny himself and keep Emma away and she’s the one who’s coming on to him, joking with him, trying to get him to lighten up.

My heaven for a lust curse that has Emma trying to jump his bones and Hook having to distance them and getting all frustrated and whatnot.

  • emma: killian?
  • emma: *knock knock knock-knock knock*
  • emma: do you wanna see my magiiiiiiiic?
  • emma: come on just look my waaaaay
  • emma: we're never flirting anymore
  • emma: come out the door
  • emma: it's like you've gone awaaaaaay
  • emma: we used to be so flirty
  • emma: and now we're not
  • emma: i wish you would tell me whyyyyyyyyyyy
  • emma: do you wanna see my magiiiiiiiiic?
  • emma: it doesn't have to be my magiiiiiiiiiic
  • hook: bad form, swan
  • emma: okay byeeeeeeee

I just gotta add real quick that the way she looks at him before even touching his cuff is so careful. She doesn’t want to hurt him. She wants him to know that it’s okay, that she’s not disgusted or freaked out or at all uncomfortable with the fact that he doesn’t have a hand for her to hold. And she’s giving him this very calm ‘It’s okay’ look. And he’s watching her, gauging her reaction and being so incredibly cautious of how she might react because it’s something that still bothers him, something that makes him feel less than what he once was. But she’s so gentle, so careful, and yet she’s not casual about it because it means something.