you make me cry, sestra;
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Josh Dallas and Colin O’Donoghue watch the Vancouver Whitecaps game together. Vanvouver, Canada - Saturday July 12, 2014 

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#it looks like they could be lecturing Henry/future children #and Killian’s just like listen to your mother kids

ouat challenge - day 1: favourite episode from season 1

↳ An Apple Red as Blood

Once Upon a Time » 20 days challenge.

Hey, so I have no idea if this has already been done but I thought I would do it anyway haha. I feel like even if there’s alot of appreciation weeks going around, there’s a lack of ouat on my dash and I thought i’d do this.

So basically, you can make gifsets, graphics, edits… you also skip days, or do whatever you want, feel free to message me if there’s something you’re not sure about.

  • day1: favourite episode from season 1
  • day2: favourite episode from season 2
  • day3: favourite episode from season 3
  • day4: favourite character
  • day5: favourite otp/ship
  • day6: favourite place
  • day7: favourite outfit
  • day8: favourite villain
  • day9: favourite objet
  • day10: favourite quote
  • day11: favourite season
  • day12: favourite dead character
  • day13: favourite hairstyle
  • day14: favourite scene
  • day15: favourite persona from anyone
  • day16: favourite second character
  • day17: a character from disney you would like to see in the show
  • day18: a character you would like to see more
  • day19: favourite brotp
  • day20: favourite magic (dark, white, etc…)

So I hope, you’ll have fun doing this and make sure to tag ”ouatchallenge” in your first 6 tags so I can see/reblog your posts!!


hook Per Episode - 2x09 Queen of hearts

↳ …A bit of advice? When I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it

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