you make me cry, sestra;
Jana, 17, in free time I'm helena bertinelli and hardcore captain swan shipper! and yeah i know that my english sucks

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requests open for ouat and doctor who :)

Doctor who meme || [1/4] otp

↳ whouffle - Claramy Clara….. always brave, always funny, always exactly what I need

Doctor who meme || [3/6] companions

↳ Captain Jack Harkness ”Was someone kissing me?”

Doctor who meme || [2/6] companions

↳ Clara Oswald  ”you’re talking but all i hear is meh meh meh”

Doctor who meme || [1/6] companions

Martha Jones  ”i’d answer back with my bucket over his head

Doctor who meme || [10/10] episodes

  ↳  new earth

Doctor who meme || [9/10] episodes

  ↳  the day of the doctor

Doctor who meme || [8/10] episodes

  ↳  Blink